ecole et cours de surf lacanau

Lacanau Surf School

BANANA SURF SCHOOL, surf school with French surf certification, located just in front of the ocean, north beach

Banana Surf School is an ideal structure to discover and improve in this discipline rich in sensations, in a friendly atmosphere 100% surf.

The BANANA Surf School is a small school, with a family atmosphere, which allows the instructor to take the time to interact with his students, share with them new sensations, meet their expectations and ensure optimal safety during the sessions.

The school is located at the health of a surf shop and surf café welcoming local surfers, surf professionals, so a 100% SURF environment.


Franz, a franch state-certified instructor and sports instructor, is a great enthusiast and connoisseur of the ocean and this sport for 30 years.

With a 22-year experience in teaching and surfing, Franz looks forward to sending you this exceptionally rich discipline. He will accompany you in the water and will give you not only quality advice to please you and progress, but will transmit fundamental values ​​that belong to this discipline such as sharing, exchange, respect for the environment, but also essential rules allowing autonomous practice in complete safety.

Its dynamism and its desire to make you progress and take pleasure will make your holidays or your session more pleasant

EMAIL 06 85 87 86 63
ecole de surf lacanau